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Business & Product

Coal Business

The company has started developing coal business both domestic and overseas since 2016. Stable purchase and sales channels have been established in domestic trade. In addition, it has also established a long-term close cooperation relationship large-sized upstream coal enterprises such as Shenhua Group, China Coal Group ,Shandong Energy Group and Shanxi Guoxin New Energy etc. As for downstream enterprises, the company has established a long-term cooperation relationship with state-owned power plant and large-sized coal trade companies, simultaneously covering subsidiary power plants of China Paper and winning widespread recognition from clients with quality and service. Since 2009, the company has started imported coal business in East China. With the development and expansion of business, it has established three coal storage bases in North Port ( Jingtang Port, State-owned Caofeidian Port, Tianjin Port), Yangtze River Delta ( Jingjiang Yangtze River Port) and Zhuhai Port ( Gaolan Port). In addition, it has established sales networks in Northeast China, East China and South China respective while guaranteeing coal supply for pulp paper platform.

Nonferrous Metal Business

Nonferrous metal business section has an over 10 years history of bulk commodity management, covering a whole industry chain from upstream mine to downstream finished products such as bronze, aluminum, zinc and nickel etc. The company has a global trade circulation network covering global purchase, global sales, general import trade, transit pot and domestic trade etc. Meanwhile, it applies future hedging to develop Future hedging business of bulk commodity industry chain. Based on overseas mine trade, the company lays out its upstream mineral resource.

Timber Business

The timber trade section is mainly engaged in the import trade of timber (logs and plates) and domestic sales business. With complete specifications and varieties of imported timbers, it has established a good strategic partnership with famous traders from Russia, North America, South America and Europe, ensuring adequate supply of goods. Sales channels are mainly large domestic timber trading companies and timber processing manufacturers. At present, its main varieties are spruce logs and plates (origin: Finland, Sweden), redwood, pine (pinus silvestris, sibirica Ledeb, Russian pine, New Zealand's monterey pine, Latvian pine), Canadian softwood lumber, teakwood, coniferous sawn timber, Swedish sawn timber, European oak logs,etc.


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