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January 2014, The company completed the restructuring and changed its name into “China Paper Industry Investment Co., Ltd.”
2013 2013, according to the SASAC and Chengtong Group work requirements,China Paper began to lead the integration of China Metallurgical Paper industry restructuring.
24th January 2011 China Paper Investment Corp competed registered capital alternation from 1,319,280,000 to 2,319,288,000 RMB.
21st September 2010 China Paper Investment Corp along with seven share holders such as Hunan Province SASAC signed reorganization agreement of Hunan Tiger Paper Group and successfully has a holding sharing of Yueyang Paper (600963);
13th September 2010 Approved by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), “Forestry-pulp-paper production, development and utilization” is regarded as the main business;
April 2010 The company changed its name into “China Paper Industry Investment Head Office”;
December 2009 Through oriented recruitment, The company has holding share of Guangdong Guanhao High-tech,. Ltd. —— Guanhao High-tech (600433),
July 2009 M & Q of Zhanjiang Guanlong Paper Co., Ltd, officially into special paper industry;
June 2009 Reorganized Zhuai Hongta Renheng Packaging Co., Ltd. and obtained technology platform of white card board;
Feb. 2007 Launch of 30 ton of coated manila project in Zhuhai
June 2005 CMDIC has indirect holding share of Foshan Huaxin Packaging Co., Ltd.- Huaxin Packaging B (200986) and has successfully carried out major transformation from capital management to industrial management, officially into the industry of packaging and papermaking.
1988—2005 China Paper has invested in a total of up to 80 projects such as metal, chemical industry, finance, electronics, logistics service, real estate, trade etc and resulted in a good investment return, including Shanghai Yichang Thin Plate Co., Ltd, Liaoning Fushun Ethylene Chemical Co., Ltd, Chongqing Iron& Steel (Group) Co., Ltd, Shanxi Aluminum Plant, Suzhou Create Technology & Science Co., Ltd and Anhui Sun Create Electronics Co., Ltd etc.
Founded in 1988 China Paper Industry (Original China Good and Materials Development Investment Head Office)was established in 1988. It is originally a professional investment company, and it entered the papermaking industry through purchasing Yuehuabao B in 2005. It is a professional paper industry platform of Chengtong Group.


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