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Organizational Culture

  • Concept Culture—Professional Concept

    Organizational Mission: Commit to green paper, create multi-dimensional value

    China Paper is dedicated to developing green paper and green forest pulp products, in order to create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profit for shareholders and take social responsibilities. Therefore, we shall be good at observing market demand and flexibly adjust product structure to constantly improve product quality and achieve mutual growth with customers.

  • Concept Culture—Professional Concept

    Management Concept: Refined management, brand shape, and international competition

    We shall strengthen refined management and continue to improve organizational efficiency and benefits. Firstly, we shall “ do the right things” by applying the concept of valuable thinking and scientific strategies; We shall “ do the work correctly” and further optimize business and work procedures by refined management to promote standardization of management, thus obtaining a good performance in quality, cost and speed etc.

  • Behavior Culture—Business Ethics

    Comply with law, Manage with honesty

    In compliance with national law and regulations; Strictly fulfill contractual terms, pay tax actively, protect legal rights of employees, execute environmental regulations responsibly.
    Stick to fair competition, resist commercial bribery.
    Treat customers with honesty, credit and integrity in management, unify employees with honesty, stand with honesty in society.

  • Behavior Culture—Professional Quality

    Abide by laws and disciplines, strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions

    Abide by national laws and relations, abide by organizational rules and disciplines.
    Obey organizational decisions and execute arrangement with strict enforcement of orders and prohibitions. Make sure you finish your own work without making any mistake, things assigned by senior leaders cannot be delayed, organizational image cannot be damaged because of you.

  • Behavior Culture—Our claims

    Be a person to promote reforms

    In contemporary society, “ the only thing that does not change is change itself. So we shall be more open to acknowledge reform and embrace it in a more positive way.

  • Brand Slogan

    Commit to green paper, Create beautiful life together- China Paper


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