Concept Culture—Core Concept

2017-02-27 Author:admin 1000times

1.Organizational Mission: Commit to green paper, create multi-dimensional value;

China Paper is dedicated to developing green paper and committed to green forest pulp paper products, in order to create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create benefits for shareholders and take social responsibilities.

We shall create value for customers. So we shall observe market demand, flexibly adjust product structure, continue to prove product quality and achieve mutual growth with customers.

We shall create opportunities for employees. So we shall build up a large career stage for customers and help them grow up in fair, just and open competition. As a result, employees can earn their income and purse happy life with diligent work .

We shall create benefits for shareholders. So we shall obtain a good economic benefit in market competition and purse stable growth to achieve reasonable return of both shareholders and investors.

We shall take social responsibilities. So we shall become organizational citizens that are dedicated to environmental protection, saving resource, charity cause and promoting the sustainable development of forestry, agricultural industrialization and above all society.

2.Organizational Wish: Become an international competitive forest pulp paper supplier

Organizational wish is that all employees accept and acknowledge long-term development goal, which is the development blueprint of the future.

As the only large state-owned enterprise specializing in production, development and exploitation of forest pulp paper, we are dedicated to becoming an international competitive forest pulp paper supplier.

We are in pursuit of the best combination of quantity, quality, speed and benefits and strive to be the leader of key operation index in domestic paper industry with international competence as well by constantly promoting management and technological innovation.

We focus on manufacture transformation based on service and study dynamic needs of customers, thus establishing stable strategic partnership with up and down-stream customers, in full commitment to providing individual solutions for customers.

We focus on new standards of environmental protection and pay attention to occupational health and safety. We are in full compliance with business ethics and constantly improve organizational brand image in legitimate domestic and overseas operation, thus gradually becoming an reliable and respectable enterprise.

3.Organizational core value: honesty, performance, opening-up, innovation Organizational core value: Honesty, Performance, Opening-up, Innovation

Organizational core value is in a core spot of organizational value system, namely a few general guiding principles are the core value judgment promoted in the organization.

We shall abide by honesty. Honesty is about integrity and credit. Honesty helps win market and credit wins cooperation. We shall face people related to organizational benefit with credit and abide by honesty and credit.

We shall focus on performance. Market economy is full of failures with tears. Survival and development of an organization is achieved by solid performance. Organizational goal is to constantly improve management performance while it depends on the support of a series of work performances. Therefore, on the one hand, we shall scientifically and reasonably set performance index system, on the other hand we shall base performance evaluation on statistics and gradually improve corresponding incentive and discipline system.

We shall open up and tolerate. M& Q of China Paper shall match opening-up and tolerant culture. On the one hand, we shall believe in tolerance and generosity in a positive way and promote openness , inclusiveness ,mutual respect, mutual understanding and honest communication. On the other hand, we shall positively stimulate mutual integration, mutual promotion, complimentary advantages and mutual development.

We shall stick to continuous innovation, through deeply promoting internal reform and management innovation, establishing new marketing thinking, head-quarter oriented control system, organizational operation system, new evaluation system, constantly strengthening organizational internal mobility. Through technological innovation, we can effectively improve product structure, lower production cost and increase added value of products. We shall also pay attention to creating new atmosphere , establishing creative incentive system, tolerance innovation mistake to improve continuous innovation in different work sections.


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