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hina’s Paper Industry is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chengtong Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Chengtong Group”). China Chengtong Group is the only central enterprise which produces forestry-pulp-paper, develops and uses the main business and which is approved by the SASAC, and it is also one of state-owned capital operation pilots determined by the SASAC. As an operation platform of China Chengtong Group paper industry, it has four listed companies: Guanhao Hi-Tech paper industry (SH, 600433), Yuehuabao B (SZ, 200986), YueYang forestry paper (SH, 600963) and Meiliyun (SZ, 000815). Its products include printing paper, coated white board paper, white cardboard, no-carbon carbon paper, thermo-sensitive paper, sticky label paper and many other varieties, and it ranks first in the domestic cigarette card market; it ranks first in the thermo-sensitive paper market; it ranks second in no-carbon carbon market; and it ranks first in  cultural paper market. At the same time, China Paper Industry not only invests into related fields of traditional pulp paper industry, it also explores, invests and operates gardens, greening, municipal administration, ecological management and other fields and relevant PPP projects.


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